Zubon apologizes for the lack of a Easter photoset. He’s in shed right now and very grumpy! No Easter candy for this boy, no sir.

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Zubon hopes your Monday is going well! He apologizes for the inactivity and assures everyone there will be an Easter photoset this week!

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americanlass - Hi, I know this is going to sound stupid, but do snakes have personalities? Do they like know their owners from other people? Or like to be held? Do they like their humans? Or do they just like to eat and be left alone? I've never been around one and I'd really like to learn more about them. I'm not trying to offend anyone, and I'm really sorry if this is a rude question. I'm just really curious, but I can't find anything online about it. Thanks :) P.s. Your snakes are beautiful :)

I’d say overall yes snakes have individual personalities and they definitely can have preferences as to which individual they’re interacting with. My snakes are both vastly different animals personality wise. Zubon is relaxed with people, and as trusting as a snake can be. He will pace the front of the cage waiting to be held. He seems to enjoy and tolerate handling and will sit with me forever relaxing and napping. Zubon will let anyone handle him with no problems. He is a great snake to use for public demonstrations and outings because he is so well behaved and easy going. Ume meanwhile is a whole different story. She is a curious but nervous snake that tends to not like me handling her. She doesn’t mind however when my boyfriend handles her, he’s the one she’s calmest with (we joke that she’s his snake) Snakes can certainly distinguish humans from one another by scent and probably even by voice; despite lacking an external ear. Just like any animal each snake is an individual and has some variance on how it interacts with objects in it’s environment, like humans for instance. You will always have snakes that are extremely passive or extremely aggressive, as well as snakes that fall in between those two extremes. It also depends on the species as some species are known for being more aggressive or docile. I’m not an expert on this (that would be more butthurtherpetologist's area) but this is just some anecdotal incite on the topic. Other snake owners feel free to give your take on this as well, but please no arguing or anything of that matter.

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kitsk - I just learned that the Japanese word "zubon," besides meaning trousers, is actually a borrowed word from the french word for "petticoat" (jupon). I think this makes Zubon's name even better.

This is the best information I have ever received. Petticoat snake. Zubon will be so pleased to know he’s so fancy!

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Zubs says hello!

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Ume is a bit shy, but she hopes everyone has a good weekend.

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Anonymous - What kind of snake is Zubon?

Zubon is a Western Hognose (Heterodon nasicus). You can find more frequently asked questions on our Q&A page as well as some small bits of info about the snakes and myself on our About page. :)

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Zubon has missed everyone! He’s been spending his days basking and looking broody.

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Look how big Ume is getting! She is so stocky and pudgy. I can’t believe she was so small when I bought her this time last year. What a difference! Sorry pictures have been so scarce, look forward to some next week :)

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anotherrandompervert - My hognose Zuko (adopted at 2 years old) hasn't eaten in 5-6 weeks, do you have any tips to get him to start eating again? I've tried braining, accidentally gutting, scenting with tuna in water, egg, leaving him in an enclosed space overnight with a f/t fuzzie, and making sure he's properly warm and has enough hides. He ate like a champ before winter hit me. Do you know how long hognoses go off food for brumation? (copied from when I asked Butthurtherpetologist)

If his temperatures are stable and in the right range then he really shouldn’t be brumating because that involves actually lowering the temps to get true brumation behavior. However males especially are notorious for going off feed during transitional seasonal periods (Zubon is off feed atm as well) so as long as you monitor his weight I wouldn’t worry. If he doesn’t want to eat no amount of scenting will change his mind! When zubon goes off feed I’ll often wait a whole week or more to offer him his next meal (when on feed my two get fed every 4-5 days) So I tend to wait double that period when off feed before offering food again. Sometimes you can have better luck scenting with toad or frog, or feeding live/prekilled. I’ve had Zubs go off for well over a month with no real weight loss or changes in behavior, only to suddenly change his mind and want food again. My best advice is go out and buy a scale if you don’t have one, and monitor weight weekly. If you see a loss of more than a few grams when he’s off feed it may be time to schedule a vet visit, but if his weight stays more or less the same just wait it out and continue to offer him food.  This is where keeping track of weight really comes in handy! As always feel free to message me if you have any more questions. :)

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